Why Do Executive Jobs in Jackson MS Pay So Well

February 16th, 2023

Executive Jobs in Jackson MS

Executive jobs in Jackson MS pay very well. As this article points out, in 2020, the top CEOs earned 351 times more than the typical worker. Plus, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) estimates that CEO compensation has grown 1,322 percent since 1978, while typical worker compensation has grown by just 18 percent.

Of course, just because you’re working as an executive doesn’t mean that you are going to be making millions of dollars, but you can expect a pretty salary. Average executive salaries in the U.S. are between $68,800 and $316,042.

Why Do C-Level Executives Get Paid So Much?

C-level executives like CEOs and CFOs make a three-figure salary because their jobs demand a high level of talent, experience, knowledge, and top-tier skills. These professionals oversee entire organizations and are held responsible for their financial performance. Many work long hours and have to deal with competition, downsizing and budget cuts.

While the pay is certainly a huge reward to working an executive job, candidates must be prepared for the stress that comes with it. Successful, satisfied C-level executives learn over time how to manage their stress levels to maintain good health, relationships, and performance. If you want an executive job, you must be prepared to do the same.

Tips for Beating Executive Job Stress

Capitol Staffing matches qualified candidates to executive jobs in Jackson MS. Here are some tips to help you manage job-related stress at your current or new job:

  • Organize and streamline tasks. Planning, organizing, and prioritizing are essential skills for executives. You will need to be thinking ahead and making sure that your teams are on the same page. This includes clarifying roles and managing project schedules.
  • Set healthy boundaries. You can do more in less time if you make room for recovery. It’s important to relax and recharge by making time for family/friends, turning off your phone, and shutting down your laptop, etc. A healthy work-life balance is crucial.
  • Build in stress breaks. Your daily schedule should include regular stress breaks. These breaks are designed to temporarily remove yourself from the source of your stress. Go for a walk, play a game on your phone, or read a book. A quick 10 or 15-minute break can do wonders for your stress level.
  • Regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy and regulate your emotions. It reduces stress, increases feel-good endorphins, and strengthens the connection with yourself. Make time for exercise daily, if possible.
  • Know your stress response. Identify what your body does when you’re stressed. Do you clench your jaw? Does your heart pound faster? When you recognize this, you’ll know when you’re feeling stressed and can deal with it in the moment.

Being an executive is extremely rewarding. You get to lead a company and make money while doing it! But be sure to manage your stress levels, as executive jobs are time-consuming and demanding. If you are looking for a new C-level job that fits your needs better, contact the recruiters at Capitol Staffing today.