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— Matching the Right Candidates to the Right Employers

Employers look for suitable candidates that not only have the required qualifications, skills and experience, but also the right mindset to fit into their company’s organizational culture. Employees scout organizations that will compensate them well and offer benefits, but also provide opportunities for growth and career development. At Capitol Staffing, our priority is to match employer requirements with the best potential employees for the role.

As one of the leading temp agencies in Jackson, MS, we see how more and more employers in multiple industries are handing over recruitment responsibilities to trusted staffing companies; and there are many reasons why:

  • We understand employment trends
  • Adhere to employment law and regulation
  • Present you with top candidates from a wide pool of talent
  • Employ stringent skill testing services, which include over 1,500 validated assessments
  • We are known for making operations cost-efficient and risk-free for employers

Temp agencies are equally good news for job-seekers, who find flexible, profitable employment easily. Many temp jobs lead to full-time employment, a win-win situation for all.

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An Edge Over other Temp Agencies in Jackson, MS

Capitol Staffing is more than a temp agency—from direct placement to temp-to-hire placements, payroll services, and more, you will experience several advantages of working with us.

Capitol Staffing has been delivering recruitment and placement services to businesses in Jackson and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. Our reputation is built on a strong commitment to exceed expectations by scouting top notch talent and providing exceptional placement services to our clients. As professionals, we understand the local market; the kind of jobs available, and the best approach to finding the right fit for each position.

We serve businesses in a range of fields such as office administration, sales, accounting, medical, information technology, and so on. Jobs vary from entry to mid to senior level positions that come with excellent growth potential and benefit packages.

Focused, Personalized Approach with Job Applicants

Many placement agencies interact with candidates on a case-by-case-basis, and will often dismiss a resume if the job seeker does not suit their immediate market requirements. At Capitol Staffing, we look at people as an asset; and believe in building a meaningful relationship with every applicant. Our goal is to help ensure you get the job you want. Our team members have years of experience and a large network of resources and employers to tap into. We will be your advisors and career guides helping you accomplish a rewarding job search.

Leading with Experience and Credibility

Capitol Staffing is led by Lane M. Purvis, Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), who has over nine years of experience in the staffing industry. Our staff represents three of only nine active Certified Personnel Consultants in the state of Mississippi.

Unlike many temp agencies that may require you to visit their offices and apply in-person, our online job application process is quick and easy. Contact Capitol Staffing today and see the job opportunities available to you. Apply now!

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Applying for a job is now easier then ever with our online job application process!

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  • Fill out the contact information
  • Upload your resume

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