How Long Does it Take to Find an Executive Job

December 13th, 2019

Searching for jobs can be stressful  especially when you’re not finding what you’re looking for. According to data collected from the average job search process, it takes just over six weeks to find a job. Of course, this depends on the industry and the type of job. Hospitality and retail jobs are filled more quickly, while medical jobs take several months to fill.

"How Long Does it Take to Find an Executive Job - Executive Jobs in MS"

Because of the skills and experience that are required for executive jobs in MS, you can expect these positions to take the longest to fill. According to the same article, high-level jobs with “vice president” or “director” in the title can take an average of 76 days to fill.

If you are looking for an executive job, here are some factors that will influence the length of your search.

Time of Year

Early year (January and February)  is the best time to look for a job for several reasons. Hiring managers receive their new budgets, so hiring that was put on hold for the holidays is now resumed. Plus, with everyone back from holiday vacations, things are running smoothly again at the office. Lastly, some companies offer holiday bonuses, so employees will often stay through the end of the year.

March, April and May are still good times to apply for an executive position, but June, July and August are tougher because of the summer slowdown. September and October pick back up, but things get slow again in November and December. Be sure to consider the time of year when applying for jobs.

Professional Network

When it comes to executive jobs in MS, networking makes all the difference. Interestingly, many senior executive positions are never advertised, so you won’t find them on many job boards. Aside from the people you know, it also helps to partner with a staffing firm. These agencies are matchmakers that work hard to place skilled employees in the right positions.

Salary and Experience

The higher your salary requirements and expectations are, the longer it will take to find the right executive job. To help with this, work with your recruiter to write a strong resume and cover letter that describes your skills, experience and qualifications. You must “sell” yourself instead of waiting for people to come to you. In addition, make sure you are properly qualified for the job, as being over- or under-qualified will make a difference.

It takes time to find an executive position, but there are things you can do to speed up the process. If you realize that you’re still not finding something after a few months, you may need to adjust your expectations or be less specific. By partnering with a staffing agency like Capitol Staffing, you can ensure a smooth and successful journey to finding your dream job.