Interview Tips to Land a Job in Jackson, MS

April 17th, 2018

Getting an interview is half the battle! Once you do, you’re that much closer to landing the job of your dreams. First, you need to prepare for the meeting. Even with the best resume, credentials and experience, you can still miss out on a great position because of a poor evaluation. Fortunately, a bit of preparation goes a long way in acing your initial meet and greet.

Below we share five important interview tips that will help you land jobs in Jackson, MS.


  • Research the industry and company. Investigating the company helps you understand their goals and how you can assist with reaching them. Also, extend your research to the industry as a whole. It’s helpful to know what this position means, the competitive advantages of the business, the competitors, and so forth.



  • Know why you want the position. Why are you the best candidate for the job? Have 3-5 selling points and be prepared to tell the interviewer why you think you will make a great fit. Go beyond the basic reasons why people work (experience, salary, benefits) and consider what specifically interests you about this opportunity.



  • Anticipate possible concerns. Interviewers look to narrow down their options because there are more candidates than there are openings. Consider some of the hesitations that the person may have with you. Do you lack experience? Did you not continue your education? Do you have a gap in your work history? This will help you prepare for a strong and confident defense.



  • Consider questions to ask. Come up with thoughtful questions that you can ask the interviewer. This shows that you have done your research and are genuinely interested in working for the company. One of the best questions to ask is what the company considers to be an ideal candidate.



  • Practice makes perfect. Stand in front of the mirror and practice what you are going to say. Also practice in front of people, as they can provide constructive feedback. Practicing leads to increased confidence, more convincing dialogue, and a smoother delivery. However, as much as you may rehearse at home, some of the best experience comes from going on interviews.


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