What are the Highest Paying Management Jobs?

March 9th, 2018

Management positions are best suited for individuals who are natural-born leaders, don’t mind making tough decisions, and enjoy overseeing large projects. When a candidate has these traits and qualities, they tend to lead successful teams that take businesses to the next level. Whether you are looking to fill this role in your company or are interested in entering a leadership position, it helps to know which management jobs in Jackson, Mississippi, pay competitively.

According to the US Department of Labor, here were the highest paying managerial jobs in America in 2016.

  1. Chief Executive

Chief executives work diligently to ensure that their company meets its goals. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising operational activities. The average salary is $194,350.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Also known as information technology managers, these individuals coordinate and oversee technology-related issues within an organization. Their main objective is to determine the IT needs of a business and implement the proper programs. On average, IT workers make $145,740.

3. Marketing Manager

 Marketing experts have an important role:  they are responsible for generating awareness and interest in the products and services of their company. These individuals not only develop strategies to grow profits but also work closely with public relations, sales, and product development teams. The average pay is $144,140.

4. Architectural and Engineering Manager

These leaders focus on architecture and engineering, such as developing new products and identifying technical issues. A strong background in program development, equipment, and leadership is essential. Architectural and engineering professionals earn roughly $143,870 a year.

5. Financial Manager

As you might guess, a finance supervisor is responsible for overseeing the financial status of an organization. They work closely with financial reports, analyses of market trends, and investment opportunities. The average mean salary for financial directors is $139,720.

6. Natural Sciences Manager

A unique but rewarding career path, a natural sciences controller works with scientists such as biologists, chemists, or physicists. They assist with scientific research, manufacturing processes, and new products. Those in this industry are paid, on average, $136,150.

7. Sales Manager

This popular role is a lucrative one as well. Sales leaders run their company’s sales department. They set sales goals and work alongside the sales team to improve performance. The better the team does, the better the company does as a whole. Average salaries are around $135,090.

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