How to Motivate an Employer to Hire You

April 22nd, 2019

Imagine if you could find open jobs in Jackson MS and be hired on the spot! Unfortunately, this rarely happens, as employers typically narrow down their options and call in their top candidates for a second interview. The process can take some time which is understandable, but certainly nerve-wracking on your end. Is there any way that you can speed up the hiring process on your end? Surprisingly, there are.

How to Motivate an Employer to Hire You

Here are some tips to motivate the employer to hire YOU!

Make sure the interviewer has everything they need from you.

Don’t leave the interview until the employer has everything they need to make an informed decision. A great way to do this is by asking if there are any additional questions the interviewer wants to ask. This gives the interviewer a chance to clear up any loose ends.

Of course, your efforts should start from the second you walk in the door. Be active and engaged in the interview by asking questions. Expand on your qualifications and how you’ve used your skills in other roles. Before leaving, ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear back from them on a decision. This gives you a timeline and an idea of when to follow up if necessary.

Follow up with the interviewer.

After the initial meet, you want to remain on the interviewer’s mind. You have to balance this, as you want to let the employer know that you care about this opportunity, while not coming across as desperate or needy. We recommend sending a thank you note within 24 hours from the interview with a handwritten note or an email to show your gratitude.

If a week has gone by without any notice, pick up the phone and call. Express your interest in the position but remain diplomatic. Having too much emotion can hurt your chances of getting a call back. If another week passes, call back and ask if you are still being considered for the position. It is possible that they haven’t made a decision yet.

Continue looking for other opportunities.

Until you have a job, it’s important to continue looking for jobs hiring in Jackson MS. You never know when the right position will come along, so keep your options open. If you want to speed up the decision making process, remind the hiring manager that you are still on the job hunt.

Let the employer know that you’ve received interest from other positions, which is why you want to know if you should move on. Don’t put pressure on the hiring manager, but do remind them that there are others competing for your talent.

Some employers take time to hire an employee. Continue to position yourself in a positive light and remind them that you are interested in the job. At the same time, don’t give up other potential opportunities. It’s important to continue looking for jobs that are hiring so that you can keep your options open.