3 Trends in Employment in Jackson MS

April 29th, 2019

Whether you’re just joining the workforce, or you are looking to transition to a new job, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in employment in Jackson MS. The unemployment rate rose 0.2 percentage points in February 2019, with an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent. This is lower than the Mississippi rate but has unfortunately grown by 0.8 percentage points from last January.

3 Trends in Employment in Jackson MS - Capitol Staffing

Despite a higher-than-average unemployment rate (the national average is 3.8 percent), there are still many jobs available in the Jackson area and beyond. Let’s review the employment trends and what you need to know if you are getting back into the corporate world: 

  1. Working at home is on the decline.

In 2017, roughly one-third of global corporations offered more flexibility for employees who wanted to work from home. While this may have sounded good in theory, many companies found that employees are happier and more productive when they interact with others in a physical environment.

Rather than placing emphasis on work-from-home hours, more businesses are focusing on creative environments that allow employees to collaborate on projects, communicate in a face-to-face manner and build strong relationships. This also leads to improved mental health.

  1. Training and development is gaining momentum.

Many hiring managers report gaps in employee skill sets that are hurting their performance. It has even been noted that Generation Z employees (those just graduating from college) are demonstrating a soft skills gap. To fill these gaps and help companies work in full capacity, training and development programs are becoming more important.

These programs will help new hires strengthen skills they need to do their job well. All employees within the organization will be brought to the same skill levels, allowing for more consistency and improved results. Training will be especially important in ever-changing industries like healthcare and technology.

  1. Artificial intelligence will continue to influence the workplace.

AI is becoming more accessible and mainstream. We can expect to see more fast food restaurants adding ordering kiosks and more warehouses using automated order pickers. Although people worry about losing their jobs to technology, many of the tasks that are delegated to AI are tedious and time consuming. With some of this time freed up, employees can focus on more important things around the workplace and provide better service to customers.

Opportunities for employment in Jackson MS are growing. If you are looking for employment, contact Capitol Staffing today. We help people like you find rewarding career opportunities that fit their needs and personality.