How to Fill Administrative Assistant Jobs with Top Talent ?

September 14th, 2017

Do you need to hire an administrative assistant? This can be a tough position to fill because secretaries have many responsibilities. Whether it’s scheduling meetings, monitoring your social media pages or answering the phones, your office depends on a professional, organized and tech savvy employee.

Check out how a staffing agency like Capitol Staffing can help fill administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS with the best talent possible.

List Out Skills and Qualifications

First, tell us what you are looking for in an administrative assistant. What skills and qualifications are most important to you? If the workload requires more than one person, it’s possible that you may benefit from temporary staffing, especially during busy seasons. Luckily, staffing firms have both temporary and full-time candidates available!

Identify Top Candidates

Using the information you provide to us, we reach out to the candidates that we feel are most qualified for the job. We look at the skills and qualifications you suggest, as well as the responsibilities the person will be expected to have. Because our candidates are pre-screened and entered into our database, it doesn’t take long for us to find the right people to fill your requirements!

Consider Company Culture

Not only do we identify candidates that meet your criteria but also individuals who will make a great fit for the company. We realize that choosing someone who aligns with your company culture is just as important as their skills and background. Plus, the work references of all candidates have been verified, so you can be confident that the resume you’re looking at, is the real deal.

Finalize Hiring Process

When you’ve found the best person for the job, we can move forward with the formal hiring process! Remember, a staffing firm like Capitol Staffing is with you every step of the way. Not only can you free yourself of the search process but you will also find an exceptional candidate to fill administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS. To learn more about hiring top talent into your positions, call us today.