What Skills are Needed for Administrative Assistant Jobs in Jackson MS?

March 30th, 2017

Administrative assistants must be able to handle many tasks at once. They are responsible for keeping the office running while supporting the needs of a manager or business owner. There is room for growth and advancement in this career field, as some administrative assistants support high-ranking officials in the government, higher education or nonprofit industries.

Here are some of the most important skills to possess if you are interested in administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS.


Office software programs are a core part of being an assistant. You must be knowledgeable in managing databases, spreadsheets, and word processing software. You may be asked to type and format your boss’ presentations, update manuals or review applications.


Communication is important for many positions, but an assistant is one where it’s mandatory. You will interact with a wide range of people, ranging from clients to suppliers to coworkers. You must be able to share information timely and accurately.


Since you will be responsible for multitasking, an organization is highly critical. When you’re organized, your boss is organized. You should be comfortable managing a filing system, tracking correspondences and coordinating paperwork.

Time Management

Branching off organization, it’s also important to manage your time wisely. Using a shared online calendar is ideal so that you can keep your boss and everyone else in the workplace on the same page. You may also respond on behalf of your boss for attendance at meetings and other special events.

Problem Solving

Some days, there will be things that turn up and conflict with your boss’ schedule. Rather than leaving things up to your superior, you will be expected to problem solve. How can you get the orders in and the meeting with the supplier completed in the same day? You may also be responsible for paying invoices, filling orders and handling returns and exchanges.


Planning is another great skill to have as an assistant. You need to be comfortable creating office procedures or managing your department’s supplies. This is important because it ensures that your boss has the necessary resources to complete projects at any given time.

Whether you need to fill administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS, or you are interested in being matched with some, Capitol Staffing has a wide range of opportunities waiting for you!