10 Tips for Landing a Job in Jackson MS

August 3rd, 2017

Getting hired quickly may not sound like an easy thing to accomplish, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier. It’s the little things you do that can make a difference between an effective job search and an ineffective one. Let’s look at 10 tips that will help you land a job in Jackson MS!

  1. Use Advanced Search Options. When browsing through job boards, use the Advanced Search feature to narrow down the jobs that are most reasonable. You can search using keywords, location, the radius of a location, job title, company, and other criteria.
  1. Apply for Qualified Positions. Sending out random resumes and cover letters is a waste of your time. Focus on the job openings for which you are qualified. You’re more likely to be selected for an interview and land the job.
  1. Keep Applying for Jobs. While you wait for an offer, don’t stop applying for other positions. Most job seekers are rejected at least a dozen times before they get the right offer.
  1. Adjust Your Resume. Take a few minutes to target your resume and cover letter to the specific position. Not only do you want the skills and content to be a close match, but you also want your resume to get picked up by applicant tracking systems.
  1. Include Part-Time Work. If you have part-time work you want to include, go for it! Employers are interested in more than just full-time experience. Plus, this shows that you were still productive after you were laid off.
  1. Practice Storytelling. To make your interview stand out while also highlighting your skills and experience, consider some stories that you can tell. When asked questions about leadership skills, explain how you handled a particular situation.
  1. Work with a Recruiter. A staffing firm will help you with your resume and handle the pre-screening process. You can then be entered into their database and notified when the right job openings come along.
  1. Collect References. Employers check references. Get yours in check now so that they are ready when a potential employer wants them. If you think that a supervisor will give you a bad review, collect personal references instead. Keep references stored on sites like LinkedIn.
  1. Apply Again. If you find your dream job in Jackson MS but you don’t get hired the first time around, try again. As long as you are qualified for the position, there’s nothing wrong with applying again. A staffing agency may be able to help you find a job similar to the one you were interested in.
  1. Be Professional. First impressions are everything. Come to the interview dressed like a manager. Never say anything bad about a previous employer and be yourself. You don’t want to mislead the employer.

If you are looking for a new job, Capitol Staffing is happy to help! We have an exceptional team of recruiters who can help you land your dream job in administrative, medical, accounting, management, sales, IT and more! Call us today and let’s get the process started!