Why More Jobs in Jackson MS are Going to Passive Job Seekers

September 25th, 2017

When jobs in Jackson MS become available, employers have two main groups of candidates to focus on: active candidates and passive candidates. Active job seekers are those who are actively looking for a job. They’re sending in their resumes and anxiously awaiting interviews.

Passive job seekers, on the other hand, are already employed and open to a new job, but are not actively looking for one. Passive candidates are becoming more desirable among employers. Generally speaking, they have a career that they take seriously and are currently gaining valuable experience from.

There are benefits to hiring a passive job seeker and how working with a recruiting firm can help you discover these qualified candidates.

What the Advantages to Hiring a Passive Job Candidate?

  • They’re desirable. Today’s companies are looking to streamline the hiring and training process, and the way to do this is to hire top talent. Passive candidates usually have some training, qualifications, and skills that they are currently developing.
  • They’re honest. Passive candidates don’t have anything to hide. They have a job, so you already know at least some of their experience. Active candidates tend to exaggerate their resumes to appear more qualified.
  • They’re secure. Passive candidates are secure in their current position so they don’t mind showing you more of their true colors. This is helpful because it allows you to make smart hiring decisions based on productivity, employee engagement, and more.
  • There is less competition. Another benefit to hiring a passive job seeker is that you only have one package to beat. You’re not competing with other companies, so it’s typically faster and easier to come to an agreement.

Find the Best Talent with a Staffing Firm

Passive candidates have many benefits, but they aren’t right for every open position. These individuals already have secure jobs, so you don’t want to miss out on candidates who are highly qualified and actively seeking a position within your company.

With so many ways to approach the hiring process, working with a staffing firm is the best way to gain a competitive edge. Recruitment agencies have a diverse pool of candidates that include both active and passive candidates. By discussing your employment needs with an experienced recruiter, your jobs in Jackson MS will be filled with highly qualified, experienced candidates – and that is what matters most!