Beyond the Listings_ Tips for Making the Most of Your Job Search

January 17th, 2020


One of the most common thing that people do when starting their job search is go online to a job board, find a position that interests them, and submit a resume. For some people, this is all it takes to land a great job. But for many others, this is not the case. They end up submitting tons of resumes without any payoff.

"Tips for Making the Most of Your Job Search - Job listings in Jackson MS"

While job listings in Jackson MS are helpful, you don’t have to rely on them entirely. There are things you can learn from the job boards and why it’s important to align yourself with a staffing agency.

What You Can Learn from the Job Boards

  • Identify relevant jobs. Take some time to go through the job listings in your area and identify appropriate openings. Look at their locations, requirements, and salary ranges. Sometimes, salaries appear to be competitive but you won’t know for sure until you compare them with other employers.
  • Determine the skills gap. What background and experience do employers in your field expect? If you’re looking to switch to another company, you’re probably familiar with what employers are looking for. However, if you’re changing directions or advancing to another level, you may have a skills gap that will hurt your chances of getting hired.
  • Know who’s reading your resume. Always consider the people who are actually looking at your resume. One way to do this is by checking to see who has been researching your LinkedIn profile. Some job boards even have a feature that lets you see what terms your resume shows up for.

How to Be Productive in Your Job Search

While you can learn a lot from the job boards, it’s important that you don’t have to limit your future success to them. There are plenty of things that are more productive than sorting through job listings in Jackson MS all day.

First, partner with a staffing agency that will help you find a job. Some staffing firms specialize in specific areas, which is helpful if you’re interested in a certain field. Also, ask about additional services that can assist in your search, such as in-house resume writing services and interview feedback.

Second, go offline. Take advantage of networking events, connect with former bosses or colleagues, or meet a LinkedIn connection for lunch. Sometimes, the best way to find a job you really want is by being in the right place at the right time.

Lastly, continue building up your skills and experience while you wait to land a new job. You can take a class, develop a new skill or volunteer your time. All of these experiences provide value and meaning. You can use them to enhance your resume, and you may even meet someone along the way who will offer you your dream job.

The right job is out there – you just need to find it! Capitol Staffing will help fulfill your employment needs. Contact us today to learn more about our recruitment services and resume writing services.