Looking for a New Job_ Why You Shouldn’t Rely Exclusively on Job Boards

July 18th, 2019

Are you currently on the hunt for new employment? If you haven’t had any luck on the job boards, don’t get discouraged just yet. As convenient and flexible as online job listings are in Jackson MS, they have many limitations that could be holding you back.

Looking for a New Job_ Why You Shouldn't Rely Exclusively on Job Boards

Let’s discuss the shortfalls of using job boards and an option that may suit you better – working with a staffing firm.

Challenges of Using Online Job Listings

There are many job boards to choose from, such as Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. These sites offer a huge list of career opportunities based on your search criteria. People enjoy using these sites because they have control over their job search and can apply for positions directly online.

Unfortunately, if you limit yourself to online listings only, you could be missing huge opportunities. Here are some of the biggest obstacles to relying on online career boards.

  • Not good for specialized fields. Generally speaking, job boards are best for entry-level positions. If you are looking for a specialized position or higher-level management jobs, it’s best to work with a recruiter.
  • Not all listings are valid. Many of the listings on job sites are redundant or no longer available. You could lose a lot of time sifting through open positions, or even applying for ones that aren’t valid. A recruiter can present you with opportunities that are open and available.
  • You might have to pay. Some job boards require a monthly membership fee in exchange for better visibility and more targeted job listings. This can get expensive very quickly, and there’s no guarantee the money will pay off.
  • You are your own advocate. There is no guarantee that you will find a job on the career sites. You are your own advocate. A staffing firm, on the other hand, is your advocate. If you’re not getting hired, they can make recommendations on how to improve your resume, gain new skills, and more.

The Better Option: Working with a Staffing Firm

When you’re ready to find a new job, we highly recommend working with a staffing firm. You won’t waste time, you don’t have to pay any fees and you’ll have access to specialized jobs that align with your skills, experience, and qualifications.

Plus, you can continue working for your current employer until a suitable job comes along. This way, you can keep building your skills and experience without being consumed with resumes and interviews. A company like Capitol Staffing will work behind the scenes to find you the best job listings in Jackson MS.

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