For the Best Job Listings Work with a Recruiter

October 23rd, 2018

If you’ve been looking for a new job, you’re probably familiar with some of the online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, Careerbuilder. You may have even set up customized alerts to be notified when new job listings in Jackson MS open up. But be honest. How many of these openings are really ones that interest you? Probably not that many.

Online job boards can be a great way to expand your career, but there are limitations. They rely on algorithms that can miss key opportunities to advance your career. In addition, jobs posted on these sites are usually posted to other places too. This means that one posting might receive hundreds or thousands of applicants. Knowing how to stand out with your application can be tough!

Is there an alternative? Yes.

Skip the Job Boards. Find the Best Opportunities with a Specialized Recruiter.

Recruitment firms like Capitol Staffing work one-on-one with employers and candidates. We take the time to understand what our employers are looking for in a candidate by getting down to the specifics. What gaps are they looking to fill within their organization? How would they define the perfect candidate? What parts of the company culture are most important?

Our team takes the same cautious approach with candidates. We get to know their qualifications, experience and skill sets. We understand what they want in terms of pay, benefits and future opportunities. When the appropriate information is gathered, we can match candidates to the best jobs – ones that are actually worth their time.

What are the benefits to you, the candidate?

  • Save time. Get contacted by a recruiter when the perfect job listings in Jackson MS come along. In the meantime, take a deep breath and continue doing what you’re doing. Something will come along.
  • Large network. Recruitment firms have connections. They often know of new opportunities before they are posted and also have access to job openings that won’t make it to the job boards.
  • Less competition. Employers that work with a recruiter are generally presented with a few reasonable candidates. Rather than competing against hundreds or thousands of people, it’s only one or two.
  • Pay nothing. A recruiting firm does all the work for you – and you don’t have to pay a dime! Plus, some agencies offer additional services such as resume writing and interview coaching.

Online job listings in Jackson MS have their place, but they can end up costing you time and opportunities that you don’t want to waste. To advance your career in administrative, IT, medical, accounting, sales or management fields, contact Capitol Staffing today.