What are Executive Jobs and Do You Qualify for One

September 20th, 2018

Executive jobs in MS are found in big businesses and small businesses. They are best for individuals who enjoy being in leadership positions and can handle the responsibilities of managing a company and its employees. Examples of these types of positions include general managers, university presidents, and mayors. The pay for executive roles is usually higher than average, but your responsibilities will be as well.

Executive Jobs

Let’s dig deeper into what managerial positions are like, the salary you can expect, and what qualifications you need. If you like what you read, reach out to Capitol Staffing and let’s find an executive role for you!

What Type of Work Will You Be Doing?

One of the first things to know is the type of expectations you will have in this position. As a leader, people will look to you to make good decisions. You can expect to have the following types of responsibilities:

  • Set goals for your departments
  • Hire and supervise employees for some departments
  • Create budgets and supervise financial operations
  • Negotiate large deals such as acquisitions and mergers
  • Analyze sales and performance numbers
  • Delegate responsibilities to managers and department heads

As you can see, having a managerial job will keep you busy! The good news is that this role pays competitively. Let’s learn more.

What is the Average Annual Salary?

According to the BLS, the median pay for top executives in 2017 was $104,700. In addition to your base salary, you may be eligible to receive bonuses and stock options. Some executive jobs in MS also come with a company car or company-based expense account. These are nice perks that make up for the extra responsibility on your shoulders.

So, do you qualify for a leadership position? Let’s find out!

What Experience is Needed?

Leadership positions are flexible because there are many different types of businesses you can work in. Generally speaking, most careers in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field. Experience is also crucial. If you’re going to be working with financials, managing departments, and negotiating deals, hiring managers like to know that you’ve done this type of work before. At least five years is recommended. As you gain experience, it’s easier to move up the corporate ladder.

If you feel comfortable overseeing an organization and will enjoy the paycheck that comes with it, contact Capitol Staffing to learn more about joining our list of job seekers. If you’re looking for top talent in this field, let us know as well. We have a pool of qualified individuals who are eager to grow their careers.