3 Ways to Find Executive Jobs in Mississippi

June 30th, 2020

Traditional job search techniques become more difficult as you move higher up the corporate ladder. Many people find executive jobs in MS through recruiters, promotions, and word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s less common to find these types of jobs through the online job boards or from handing out your resume.

Executive Jobs in Mississippi

Only about 10 percent of jobs at the executive level are found on the job boards. If you’re interested in getting an executive job, you might be wondering how you can make yourself known to the companies hiring for these positions. Below are three ways that you can align yourself with executive jobs.

  1. Attract Employers on LinkedIn

When it comes to executive positions, most companies prefer to hire someone they know because of the high level of responsibility that’s involved. To jumpstart your relationships, leverage the largest professional network available – LinkedIn.

Many employers rely on LinkedIn to find qualified individuals with specific skill sets. Make it easy for people to find you by following these tips:

  • Take a professional profile picture
  • Make sure all sections are filled out and up to date
  • Use the summary section to show your expertise
  • Describe your key duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments
  • Apply targeted keywords in your profile to help people find you
  1. Attend Networking Events

Another way to find executive jobs is by attending networking events – either in person or virtually. These events give you an opportunity to connect with experts in your field as well as catch up and learn what’s happening at various companies. Sometimes, just seeing someone face to face is enough to put you on their radar.

Aside from attending networking events, here are some ways to further stand out:

  • Be a thought leader on LinkedIn
  • Introduce people in your network who could benefit from each other
  • Mentor a junior executive
  • Share articles on social media, along with your opinion
  1. Work with an Executive Staffing Firm

If you don’t want to be another fish in the sea, you’ll find it helpful to work with a staffing company. These agencies make it easier to be aligned to the jobs you want. Your recruiter will learn about your skills set and experiences and match you to positions that fit your needs and criteria.

Because staffing firms are in constant contact with employers, they’re able to identify people who will fit their work culture. At Capitol Staffing, we don’t just look at our candidates’ work histories. We also consider their personalities and character traits.

If you’re interested in finding executive jobs in MS, contact Capitol Staffing today. We can help you climb the corporate ladder and find positions that will fulfill your professional goals.