How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

June 20th, 2017

Have you considered working with a staffing agency in Mississippi but weren’t sure what to expect? Staffing firms give you access to a highly qualified pool of candidates that you may not find on your own. This eases the workload on your end and avoids the risk of hiring a poor candidate. Because hiring firms have already screened their candidates, they are able to recommend people quickly so important projects won’t be delayed and quality candidates won’t slip through the cracks.

Let’s look at how staffing agencies in Jackson MS work and how to get the most benefit from using one.


Pay Attention to Specialties

When working with a recruitment firm, make sure they specialize in the type of staffing that you need. Non-specialized agencies work with a wide range of candidates so it may take longer to find someone who is qualified for niche-specific work. On the other hand, specialized agencies have a better idea of your industry and the types of skills you are looking for.


Communication is Key

In order for a search firm to understand your needs, you must communicate your needs well. Emails are convenient, but you should also speak directly to a staffing manager. This is particularly important in the beginning when describing the open position, the skills you are looking for, and the policies your business follows.


Prepare Your Staff for a New Hire

Hiring solutions come in all types. A staffing agency in Mississippi can assist with full-time, temporary, temporary-to-hire, contract, and project needs. Prepare your staff for the new hire in order to maximize your time with the candidate. Creating a designated work space for the new person will make him or her feel like a part of the team!


Follow Up with the Staffing Firm

Follow up with the agency is important after hiring someone. Staffing agencies in Jackson MS want to know that their approach to recruiting and recommending top talent works. Your success with a candidate also helps you and the agency with future searches. If a candidate doesn’t work out, be sure to let the firm know immediately.

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