10 Smartest Ways to Find Employment in Jackson MS

October 29th, 2020

Are you looking for employment in Jackson MS? Whether you’re a fresh graduate or looking to switch careers, there’s a wide selection of jobs available in the Jackson area. But how can you find these jobs and align yourself with the right interviews? Below we’ll show you the ten smartest ways to find employment.

Employment in Jackson MS

  1. Network on LinkedIn

If you’re not using LinkedIn, it’s time to set up a profile and start connecting with others. Join discussion groups for industries you’re interested in and build a strong network. Following companies on LinkedIn that you’re interested in and commenting on their posts is a great way to get noticed.

  1. Find the best job listings

We don’t recommend relying entirely on job listings because some positions never make it there. However, it’s helpful to watch the listings to see which companies are growing, which industries are hiring, and the types of positions available.

  1. Contact companies directly

If you have a company in mind that you want to work for, visit their website to see if any job openings are posted. You can send them your cover letter and resume even if you don’t see anything available. The employer can keep your info on hand for when a position does open up.

  1. Work with a recruitment agency

When you work with a recruiter, you have someone on your team looking for job openings that fit your skills and qualifications. Staffing firms also work closely with employers and know the types of candidates they’re looking for, giving you access to an untapped network of jobs.

  1. Attend a career fair

Career fairs are an awesome opportunity to speak directly with recruiters and employers. Job fairs are held in all different cities so check to see what’s available near you. It’s important that you dress professionally and bring at least 10-15 copies of your resume.

  1. Consider part-time work

You may have only considered full-time work up until this point but it’s worth considering what part-time and temporary jobs are available. While you probably won’t get benefits with this type of work, you can align yourself for a more permanent position in the same company.

  1. Utilize social media

In addition to LinkedIn, don’t forget about the other online networking opportunities you have to find work. Social media allows you to connect with people from all over the world. Some companies post opportunities on Twitter and Facebook, so follow the ones you’re interested in for regular updates.

  1. Update your profiles

Did you know that 70% of employers snoop candidates’ social media profiles? Be sure that your profiles portray you in a positive light. Also update your contact information so that it stays consistent across all social media channels.

  1. Refresh your resume

If you’re still not finding employment in Jackson MS, it’s possible that your cover letter and resume could use a boost. Refresh these documents to ensure they’re free of typos and grammatical errors. Ideally, your resume should match the work you’re applying for.

  1. Practice your interview skills

When you are offered an interview, be ready for it! Prepare in advance by researching the company, practicing answering and asking questions, and relaying your skills. This will help you make the most of each interview.

Capitol Staffing can help you find employment – even during Covid. There are plenty of employers looking for candidates just like you! Contact us today to learn more about our opportunities.