Working After Retirement- Here are the Best Jobs to Consider

June 23rd, 2021

Some people continue working after retiring to boost their income, interact with others, and stay active. The nice thing about working after retirement is that you don’t have to do something you don’t like and you don’t have to work full-time. You can pick something that you love and work just 10-15 hours a week to see the benefits.

Working After Retirement

So what type of employment in Jackson MS are good for seniors? Below are some of our top picks for people who want to keep working after retirement. Capitol Staffing can take the pressure off job hunting and connect you to the best jobs for seniors. Connect with us today!

Administrative Assistant

Not all administrative assistant jobs are full-time. Many smaller companies need part-time support with regular office tasks like scheduling meetings, writing reports, and answering phones. If you’ve always enjoyed working in an office setting, an administrative assistant is a great option as an older adult.


If you have accounting skills, a bookkeeper is a great job to do later life. Many of these positions are part-time and low-stress so you can pick up some additional income while working your brain. Bookkeeping involves crunching numbers, recording transactions, and reconciling reports, all while possibly  earning close to $20 an hour for doing so!


Many paralegal positions are part-time. You can work in a comfortable office and assist attorneys with research, documentation, paperwork, and more. You will likely need some extra education to do this line of work. However, if you’ve worked in this field before, you should have the background to be successful.

Pharmacy Technician

Working as a pharmacy tech gets you into the medical field without needing much education. You’ll spend some time going through on-the-job training and then transition to helping the pharmacist, talking with customers, dispensing medication, and handling payments.

Customer Service Representative

Do you enjoy talking on the phone and helping people solve their issues? If so, you can work as a customer service representative. As an added bonus, many of these jobs allow you to work from home if this is something you’d like and many also include flexible, part-time hours.

Retail Salesperson

Retail is one of the most popular jobs for seniors because it has flexible hours and opportunities to talk with coworkers and customers. If you work for a larger company, you may even get benefits and possibly be eligible for a store discount depending on where you work.

Getting older has its benefits, and being able to hand pick your job is one of them! You’re no longer working solely for income and benefits and instead, you’re now able to do something you enjoy while meeting great people. If you’re ready to find part-time or temporary employment in Jackson MS, contact Capitol Staffing today.