What Skills Will Get You Noticed for Administrative Assistant Jobs

December 24th, 2021

administrative assistant jobs

Are you planning to apply for administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS?  One of the nice things about becoming an administrative assistant is that there is plenty of room for advancement. You can eventually move up to become a billing specialist, administrator, or sales representative. Having a certain set of skills will help you stand out and land a job faster.

Below are some of the most important administrative assistant skills that will help you find employment faster.

What are Administrative Assistant Skills?

Administrative assistant skills are those related to managing a workplace. Because administrative assistants are often in supporting roles, it’s important that they can demonstrate strong organizational, management, and communication skills.

Hiring managers look for confident individuals who can communicate on behalf of their employees, schedule meetings, and more. Keep in mind that administrative assistants work with almost all parts of a business and build relationships with most, if not all teams and departments. There’s no substitute for being friendly, polite, and personable!

What are Some Examples of Administrative Assistant Skills?

Administrative assistant skills vary depending on the industry you’re working in. But you can expect the following abilities to be transferable across jobs:

  • Both written and verbal communication is key to your workplace success. Pay attention to how you write emails, draft letters, and have conversations with people in general. Are you easy to work with? Do you maintain a professional tone?
  • Because you’ll oversee a wide range of tasks, it’s important to stay organized. You should have experience using a file management system and be comfortable storing and retrieving files.
  • Managing time. Time management is another useful skill you’ll need to excel at as an administrative assistant. You must be able to finish your tasks on time and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Administrative assistants spend a lot of time on the computer. Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Office, in addition to scanning documents, and inputting data into a customer relationship management system.
  • Attention to detail. Office communications are sometimes sensitive, so it’s imperative that you catch spelling and grammatical errors. Submitting the wrong information can compromise your job.

Find Administrative Assistant Jobs in Jackson MS Today

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