What Medical Jobs in Jackson MS Can You Do from Home

August 9th, 2021

Working from home is a great opportunity. You can have a fulfilling career without having to commute or deal with office politics. There are plenty of medical jobs in Jackson MS that allow you to work from home while giving you flexibility and balance. Whether you’re new to the medical field or simply looking for a new job, here are some of the best medical jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

Medical Jobs in Jackson MS

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists transcribe patient information and doctor’s notes from voice recordings and convert them into written reports. Some employers require certification or experience to work as a medical transcriptionist. It’s also helpful to have good typing skills, familiarity with medical terminology, and knowledge of the latest HIPAA and privacy laws.

Medical Biller

A medical biller completes, reviews, and processes medical claims to obtain reimbursements from the insurance companies. To excel in this career, you need to know medical terminology, the different healthcare procedures, and the billing codes to apply to each. Most employers require certification or an associate’s degree.

Health Information Technician

Health information technicians manage medical records for medical offices and healthcare facilities. Because of the sensitive information contained in these records, health information technicians are responsible for protecting it. They might also analyze patient data to improve care. To work in this profession, you’ll need an associate’s degree.

Medical Call Center Representative

Another work-from-home job in the medical field is a medical call center representative. These individuals answer and make calls on behalf of the doctor’s office, which helps take a lot of pressure off the administrative staff and allows them to focus on other tasks. Some representatives are paid a salary while others are paid hourly.

Medical Case Manager

Medical case managers serve as liaisons to the patient, their families, and their healthcare providers. They’re responsible for coordinating care plans and helping patients make informed decisions about their treatment options. Case managers typically need to hold a license or certification in health or human services as well as have field experience.

Telephone Triage Nurse

Because these nurses help patients over the phone, they can easily work from home. Telephone triage nurses help patients determine what type of care they need. If they can treat themselves at home, the triage nurse will walk them through what to do. A nursing degree is required to work in this position.

If you want to work remotely in the medical field, these are some of the best careers to consider. You might not always be working directly with patients, but you will be invested in their care. To find medical jobs in Jackson MS that allow you to work from home, contact Capitol Staffing today.