Moonlighting Tips for Balancing Two Jobs in Jackson MS

September 15th, 2020

People work two jobs in Jackson MS for many different reasons, including the need to earn extra income, or gain experience in another field. If you are one of them, you might be wondering how you can manage both jobs efficiently.

Jobs in Jackson MS

After all, moonlighting (working a second job outside of normal business hours) means two different schedules, two sets of work expectations, two groups of coworkers and more. But on the flip side, you get to acquire new skills, earn more money and meet lots of people.

Below are some helpful tips for balancing both jobs while keeping your sanity.

Manage Your Time

The biggest challenge with working two jobs is that you have to manage your time wisely. Not only do you have to split your time between your two jobs but also maintain a healthy work-life balance. To do this and help simplify everyday tasks, purchase a day planner and make daily to-do lists.

Also remember that no one should work 24/7. You need downtime as well. It’s important to take care of your mental and physical health as well as have time for relationships and hobbies. On a positive note, if you’re missing out on social activities, think about how much money you’re saving!

Calculate Your Earnings

Moonlighting brings in extra money but sometimes it’s not as much as people think. Consider commuting costs, extra takeout meals, uniforms, taxes, etc. Know what you’re bringing in and how quickly you can reach your goals. Even if you’re working to gain skills and experience, you want your time and efforts to be worth it.

It helps to set goals that you can reach little by little, such as by paying off a credit card or saving for a vacation. Seeing the results of your hard work will make working two temporary jobs a bit easier!

Protect Your Main Job

It would be counterproductive to take on a second job and not have enough time and attention for your main job. It can help to tell your manager that you are working a second job at another company. You shouldn’t have any problems, and you’ll feel better being honest.

Of course, your first job should still come first. It’s usually the one that gives you a bigger paycheck and benefits. While small, independently owned businesses may be more understanding of your situation, they may also lack the staff to cover extra hours. Larger businesses on the other hand, often have more flexible scheduling.

Find the Best Jobs in Jackson MS with Capitol Staffing

There are many flexible second jobs you can take on to develop new skills, build relationships, and make more money. At the same time, if you’re struggling to manage two jobs, it may be time to make a switch to a position that better meets your needs.

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