Medical Jobs in Jackson MS that Don’t Require Medical School

August 17th, 2022

Working in healthcare is a wonderful opportunity that can offer a strong salary, dozens of career paths, and multiple areas of specialization. But one thing that holds some people back from working in the healthcare field is going to medical school. Many medical schools last four years followed by a residency of three to seven years. This is a huge time and financial commitment!

medical jobs in Jackson

The good news is that you can work in the medical field and reap the rewards without having to go to medical school. While physicians and surgeons continue to be the top money-makers in healthcare, there are plenty of other positions that still pay well and require less education.

Below are some examples of medical jobs in Jackson MS that don’t rely on medical school.

Nurse Anesthetists

This position requires the nurse to provide anesthesia and related care during various procedures. Before a procedure begins, nurse anesthetists review the patient’s medications, as well as any allergies or illnesses that could affect the procedure. They remain with the patient to monitor their vital signs and administer more anesthesia as needed.

To work as a nurse anesthetist, you’ll need to earn a master’s degree from an accredited medical program and have a registered nursing license. Projected job growth is 16% through 2026 and median annual wages are around $170,000 a year.

Physician Assistants

Commonly called PAs, these workers assist physicians and surgeons as they examine and treat patients. They may also be asked to review a patient’s medical history, order and interpret tests, prescribe medication, and provide treatment.

To become a physician assistant, you’ll need a master’s degree from an accredited program. You’ll also need to be licensed in your state, which means you’ll have to pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination. Median annual wages are around $110,000 and projected job growth through 2026 is 37%.

Nurse Practitioners

These nurses often work independently or with other physicians. They assess patients to determine the best ways to treat health issues. Many nurse practitioners specialize in certain areas, such as geriatric health, pediatric health, or mental health.

You’ll need to earn a master’s degree from an accredited medical program to be a nurse practitioner. You will also need to have a registered nursing license. Median annual wages are near $110,000 and projected job growth through 2026 is 36%.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Nuclear medicine techs prepare radioactive drugs to assist with imaging or therapeutic purposes. They also operate imaging equipment used to diagnose and treat patients.

To become a nuclear medicine technologist, you’ll need an associate degree from an accredited nuclear medicine technology program and they will also typically need a certification in the field. Median annual ages are around $75,000, with projected job growth through 2026 at 10%.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech therapists diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Most speech pathologists hold a master’s degree from an accredited program while some states also require supervised clinical experience. Median annual wages for speech pathologists are close to $80,000 and the projected job growth through 2026 at 18%.

Are you interested in working in the medical field but don’t want to commit to medical school and a residency? These jobs may work for you instead! You can still earn a good salary and have opportunities for growth and advancement. Contact Capitol Staffing to find medical jobs in Jackson MS with your current credentials.