How to Narrow Down Job Listings in Jackson MS

January 21st, 2019

Searching through job listings in Jackson MS can feel like a full-time job. No one wants to sit in front of a computer all day digging through job boards but it must be done if you want to transition to a new career. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow down your search and land your dream gig.

Job Listings in Jackson MS

Here are a few ways to streamline your job search and find the best opportunities worth pursuing.

Schedule a Set Time Each Day

Set aside a specific time every day to look through the available job openings. Doing this keeps you on top of new opportunities and lets you respond to messages in a timely manner. Some employers will send an email to schedule an interview, and you don’t want to wait to respond. It’s also important to build this time into your schedule so that you get used to being productive on a daily basis.

Know What You Want from Your New Job

If you’re going to make a career change, now is the time to think about what you want from your new job. Be specific to help you narrow down your options. As you define what you want in terms of work, also write down the salary and benefits you want. It’s important that you focus on companies that will give you the salary and benefits you need to live.

Work with a Staffing Firm

One of the best ways to narrow down job listings in Jackson MS is to work with an experienced recruiter. One option is to put your career search into the hands of a professional recruiter while you work your current job, something called passive job seeking. This way, you can work, earn an income, and build your skills while being notified of new opportunities that open up.

Keep a Narrow Focus

It may sound better to apply to any job that looks interesting but this will end up wasting your time and leaving you frustrated. The best success comes when you focus on the positions that are most relevant to your needs. You’ll have more time to write a great resume and follow up after sending in your application. Plus, highly targeted jobs can make use out of your unique skill sets.

Track Your Efforts

Stay organized by tracking your efforts. This will help you feel more in control of the search, especially as people start calling for interviews and follow ups. Use a spreadsheet or database to track the companies you’ve applied at, the names of contacts, and the dates of meetings and follow ups.

Finding a new job takes a lot of time and effort but you are not alone. Call Capitol Staffing to learn more about finding your dream job with our specialized recruiters.