Work with a Temp Agency to Advance Your Career

August 20th, 2019

Even though the job market is improving, there are still many people who bounce from one job to the next. To keep a steady paycheck coming in, people often consider working with temp agencies in Jackson MS. This allows them to fill in the gaps on their resumes and continue gaining new skills and experiences to eventually land a permanent job.

Temp Agencies in Jackson MS - Capitol Staffing

Whether you are looking for work or have an unsteady job, a temp agency can be a huge asset to your financial security. But, is working with one really the best fit for you? Let’s find out.

Fill in resume gaps

The best way to convince a hiring manager to call you in for an interview is with a compelling resume. However, gaps in employment may look like red flags to employers and prevent you from getting a call back.

To fill in these disparities, temp work is a great option. It shows that you keep busy while you are out of work, acquiring new skills and experiences. This effort shows more about your character than you might realize, especially in an era where millennials and Gen Zs sometimes feel that tedious tasks are “beneath” them.

Get your foot in the door

Another reason to start with a temp firm is to get your foot in the door to a number of companies. It’s tiresome to scroll through all of the job boards looking for work, especially when you can’t tell one business from the next. A temp office can align you with a wide range of companies that may be willing to hire you for a full-time position.

Find part-time work during retirement

People who are newly retired often look for temporary work. It’s a nice balance between working full-time and not working at all. However, many new retirees haven’t applied for a job in years, perhaps even decades, and aren’t sure where to start. Working with a temp firm is a great way to find a part-time position that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Test the waters

Some people aren’t ready to commit to a new job, and that’s OK. It doesn’t look good on your resume to jump from one job to the next, so an easy way to avoid this is by accepting temporary work. This allows you to test the waters and see if the position and the company are a good fit. If you’ve discovered a new passion, you can continue on this path. If not, there’s no harm done.

Many people work with temp agencies in Jackson MS to boost their resume, keep their skills relevant, and gain new experience. To get on a list for temporary positions within your area, contact Capitol Staffing today.