Why Summer is the Best Time to Look for Executive Jobs in MS

June 25th, 2019

Job hunting can be a year-long process, although some times of the year are generally better than others. On the whole, the spring and fall are the best seasons to look for executive jobs in MS. In the spring, businesses are trying to fulfill resolutions made at the beginning of the year. They are also trying to fill positions before the summer. In the fall, business ramps up after everyone has taken their vacations.

Why Summer is the Best Time to Look for Executive Jobs in MS

Even though summer tends to be a slower season, this doesn’t mean you should take a break from seeking the best job for you. In fact, June, July and August are the best times to work on your resume, expand your professional network, and take advantage of new opportunities. Below we share some of the reasons why summer is the perfect time to be on the job hunt.

Less Competition

Some industries experience the summer slowdown due to vacation schedules and a slower work pace. However, this doesn’t mean that new jobs aren’t opening up every day. By taking advantage of summer opportunities, you can be included in a smaller pool of applicants. Plus, some industries are actually the busiest in the summer, so you might be most needed right now.

Greater Flex Time

During the summer, people’s schedules are more random. Work hours change, recurrent meetings are cancelled, and fewer people are in the office. You can use this time to meet a potential employer for coffee or reach out to contacts who can help boost your career. By the time fall rolls around, you might be in line for an executive position.

Head Start on Hiring Process

 Hiring cycles often take time. Your interview might be scheduled a few weeks from now, and the second interview might be in a few months. Unless a business is in dire need of an employee, some companies take their time on the hiring process. The good news is that getting on their radar now can help you land the position in the fall, when a decision is ready to be made.

More Time to Build Your Skills

 If you decide to work with a recruiting firm, you can be exposed to new opportunities while working on your resume and gaining professional experience. The summer gives you more time to build up your skills, such as by volunteering or working an internship. When it comes time to apply for executive jobs in MS in the fall, you will be a more qualified candidate.

Summer may be here, but don’t take time off from job hunting. June, July and August are important months for the career search process so it’s important to make the most of them. For resume writing services, employee services and more, contact Capitol Staffing today.