Why January and February are the Best Times to Look for Employment in Jackson MS

December 6th, 2022

If you’re looking for steady employment in Jackson MS, you’ll be happy to know that January and February are the most popular hiring months. Every industry and position are unique so it’s important to consider your job field and when they’re most likely to make hiring decisions. Generally, you can expect a wider number of opportunities coming your way at the start of 2023!

Employment in Jackson MS

To give yourself the most opportunities, start working as early as possible. A staffing firm like Capitol Staffing can help with your resume and cover letter, while also getting your name and information into the database. This way when a job does turn up, we can get into contact with you right away!

Let’s explore why January and February are the best times to get hired, which days are best, and the worst times to find a job.

Why the Start of the Year is the Best Time to Get a Job

You might be tired in January after surviving the holiday season. But while you were busy enjoying the holidays, businesses were actively completing their budgets, studying their development, and planning for new teams and objectives. This is when many industries look to fill positions immediately after the New Year.

Historically, teams and employees come back to work feeling refreshed in January. They’ve closed out the year and had time to recharge over the holiday season. They’re now gaining new momentum and adding new members to their teams.

Not to mention, there are often many changes that happen on a personal level, altering the dynamics of teams. For example, many workers reflect on their current roles and responsibilities and make resolutions to find new opportunities. If they end up leaving their position, this creates more openings.

Does the Time and Day of the Week Matter?

Yes, the time and days of the week matter when looking for employment. Research shows that the best time to look for a job is near the beginning of the week, preferably on Tuesdays. Not only are Tuesdays great days to look for job postings, but they’re also the days when more people get interviewed and hired.

Additionally, late mornings appear to be best, as this is when hiring managers tend to post new listings. While there is never a ‘bad’ time to look for a job, it seems that 11am to 2pm is the sweet spot. Make sure you’re active on the job boards during these times.

When is the Worst Time to Look for a Job?

Each industry is different, but there are some times when finding a job is more difficult. For example, the middle of summer is when the least number of jobs are posted since employees are often on vacation. Summers are not a good time to bring someone new onto the team, plus starting mid-year can be a bit awkward. Furthermore, many industries experience a summer slowdown, which means they don’t need extra help.

Here at Capitol Staffing, we always recommend using slow times to update your resume and cover letters, network with industry professionals, and research companies you may be interested in working for one day. With the New Year right around the corner, now is the time to get everything in gear. Contact our recruiters today to learn more about finding employment in Jackson MS.