Virtual Interview Tips for Landing the Employment in Jackson MS

November 27th, 2020

With over 12 million Americans jobless right now, finding employment in Jackson MS is on many people’s minds. Many businesses have shut down or put a hold on hiring so finding work is more difficult right now. That said, there are many industries that are doing well and expanding their workforce during the pandemic, such as healthcare, delivery services, and communication companies.
Employment in Jackson MS

If you’re looking through job listings in Jackson MS, it’s important to be prepared for a virtual interview. More and more companies are doing their interviews online to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This may be new territory for you, but we have some tips that will help you shine through your interview!

Create a Professional Setting

It matters how you present yourself, both in-person and virtually. Choose a space in your home that is quiet, uncluttered, and free of distractions. Clean up the background and dress appropriately. This shows that you are taking your interview seriously.

Use Proper Illumination

Good lighting starts with choosing a well-lit spot in the home. But even then, you have to be careful about shadows and streams of light. Use several light sources to fully illuminate your face. Work on the placement of these lights as well as you don’t want to create shadows. Another tip: position your computer on an elevated surface instead of your lap.

Turn Off Your Notifications

If your phone is synced with your laptop, be sure to turn off all notifications during your interview time. You would hate to have a personal text come through on your computer during the interview process.

Show Your Interest in the Position

Treat your virtual interview the same as you would if it were in-person. Read through the job listings in Jackson MS and know what skills are in demand. During the interview, listen attentively, ask questions, and keep detailed notes. This shows that you are engaged in the interview and eager to learn more about the position.

Do a Test Run

Because there are so many tiny details that can negatively impact your virtual interview, it’s best to do a test run. Once you get used to doing these interviews (hopefully you don’t have to do too many!), you’ll get the hang of it. But for now, test out your internet connection, lighting, sound, angle, and interview platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.).

Be Friendly and Patient

Just as you might experience technical troubles on your end, so might your interviewer. Be willing to accommodate audio and video delays. If you can’t get things to work, you may have to reschedule your interview or do it by phone instead. The process is new to most people, so your adaptability goes a long way in showing the interviewer how you handle work-related hurdles.

Virtual Interviews: Could They be the Future?

While virtual interviews may seem out-of-the-box for you, it’s possible that more companies will shift to this format even once the pandemic gets better. Virtual interviews are convenient, cost-effective, and flexible, especially as more people work from home. By preparing yourself for this new way of interviewing, you can make a great first impression and have an easier time landing employment in Jackson MS.