Job Hunting – Should I Go on Every Interview

March 22nd, 2021

When seeking out jobs hiring in Jackson MS, the best approach is to let as many people as possible know that you’re looking for work. And if you’re successful, your voice will be heard. But what happens when you’ve been contacted by a hiring manager for a job you don’t want? Should you still go on the interview or politely decline? Well, it depends.

jobs hiring in Jackson MS

Let’s look over a few reasons why you should say yes or no to interviewing for a job you don’t really want.

Every Interview Gives You Practice

Job interviews are a great learning opportunity. You get to practice your responses, work on nonverbal communication and develop more confidence. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver your responses more naturally to impress hiring managers. So, if you feel that you could benefit from the practice, it’s worth going to the interview even if you’re not interested in the job.

You Might Like the Job More than You Think

On paper, the job might not look that exciting. Or perhaps the pay isn’t what you were hoping for. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You might find that the work culture is a great fit for your personality or that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your career – and your pay. Many good things can come from an interview!

This Could Open the Door to Something Else

When you’re looking for work, it’s important to keep all of your options open. And going on all of your interviews can do exactly that. You’ll be able to sit down with the hiring manager and a few other employees from the company and let them know that you’re open to other roles as well. Once they meet you and learn about your strengths, they might decide on another role for you, too.

BUT…You Could Also Waste Time

If you’re doing well in your job hunt, it probably doesn’t make sense to interview for a job you don’t want. You can put your time to better use. This is especially important when you’re already working full-time, as your boss will probably get suspicious if you continue taking time off. Instead, use your time to interview for the jobs you really want.

…. Or End Up More Confused

We also don’t recommend going on every interview if it’s only going to leave you more confused. Having too many choices can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you’re not sure what you want to do. If you’re someone who struggles with choice, it’s best to narrow down your options and focus on the jobs that make the most sense.

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