How Important are References for Employers?

March 18th, 2019

When applying for jobs in Jackson MS, you’ll find that many employers ask for references, but are they really all that important? Do employers even check them?

Importance of references for Employers

You might be surprised to learn that a reference check can make or break your chances of getting a job. Employers often receive hundreds of applications, and once they narrow down their best candidates, a reference check can fill in the gaps.

Let’s learn more about why reference checks are important for employers and tips for building your own solid list.

What Employers Hope to Learn from References

On average, 8 out of 10 hiring managers conduct reference checks on a regular basis for positions in the professional, executive, administrative, and technical fields. While it’s less likely for them to be done for skilled labor, part-time work, and temporary positions, it’s not uncommon.

There are several reasons why hiring managers feel that a reference check is important. These include:

  • Confirming job titles and dates of employment
  • Learning about workplace accomplishments
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Verifying past job responsibilities and experience
  • Understanding the candidate’s work culture

Tips for Building a Reference List

Knowing how influential job references can be, it’s important to choose them wisely. Here are a few tips for building a reference list that supports your interview for jobs in Jackson MS.

  • Choose wisely. Don’t just look to add people who have impressive job titles. Build a reference list that can discuss your abilities and how they relate to this new position. It’s best to have a mix of people who can address various aspects from your work history.
  • Get permission. Always get permission from your references. It’s the right thing to do and it prepares them for the phone call. You’d hate for your reference to be caught off guard.
  • Provide clear information. When you ask your references for permission, be sure to update all contact information, including names, titles, phone numbers and emails. Consider adding a few extra references in case the employer can’t reach one of your top references.
  • Thank your references. Those who agree to be a reference should be given a big thank you. These individuals can help you land your dream job so their role is important. Maybe one day, you’ll get the chance to return the favor.

As you can see, many hiring managers perform reference checks and place a lot of importance on them. When applying for a job, be sure to have your reference list in check and ready to impress!