Common Types of Executive Jobs in MS

January 11th, 2021

It’s worth pursuing executive jobs in MS when you are passionate about making business decisions and have strong leadership skills with documented success. Because executive jobs are complex, these professionals often make six-figure salaries. If you’re considering applying for or working your way to a C-level position, here are some of the most common executive roles to be aware of.

Executive Jobs in MS

Executive Director

Executive directors work for both businesses and nonprofit organizations. Their role is to maintain and guide the organization’s mission, though they must get permission from the board of directors before making any significant decisions.

Chief Executive Officer

CEOs are responsible for decision-making, managing resources and operations, and defining the company’s tone and branding. The CEOs of larger businesses are generally responsible for large-scale operations, while the CEOs of smaller companies may be involved in day-to-day decision making.

Chief Operating Officer

The chief operating officer reports to the CEO. They oversee business operations and determine how efficiently they’re running. COOs also promote the tone and branding set forth by the CEO and may lead the human resources (HR) department, depending on the size of the company.

Chief Information Officer

Another executive role is that of a CIO. These professionals report to the CEO, delegate information technology duties and pass these responsibilities off to specific IT teams. CIOs play an important role in today’s businesses because of the accelerating rate of digital technology.

Chief Marketing Officer

CMOs are in charge of an organization’s marketing strategy, or the advertising and branding of the company. They’re also responsible for researching the trends, staying up to date on competitors, and understanding the customer base.

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs are in charge of the company’s finances. This role requires a lot of budgeting and accounting, as well as forecasting the company’s financial gains and losses. With this information, CFOs know where to spend money and where not to, and are also responsible for investments.

Vice President

Also known as chiefs or directors, vice presidents have authority over specific departments. They are often a couple of people behind the CEO and are more likely to be involved in the daily operations of a business. However, this involvement is generally limited to a certain aspect of the business.

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