4 Steps to Filling Administrative Assistant Jobs Quickly

January 6th, 2021

Talent acquisition is the process of finding and recruiting employees for a business. Not only do these workers meet the criteria for the job, but also have the ability to meet business goals, fill project requirements, and fit into the overall work culture. If you’re looking to fill administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS quickly and efficiently, here are four talent acquisition strategies to follow.

  1. Write a Detailed and Complete Job Listing

The more detailed your job post is, the easier it is to find qualified candidates. This happens because you’re being clear and upfront about what you’re looking for. It also shows that your company is serious about hiring the right fit. In the end, unsuitable candidates may not apply and you’ll get serious, proficient candidates instead.

  1. Make Your Benefits Enticing

It’s not just money that job candidates care about – benefits are a deciding factor as well. Share the benefits people can expect if they are an employee of yours – health insurance, days off, personal and professional development, free food at the office, and more. Here are some tips on how to create a more competitive benefits package.

  1. Respond Quickly to Job Candidates

It’s tempting to respond to all candidates at once, but by the time you do, they could already have moved onto something else. Instead, carve out time each day to evaluate applications and respond to the ones that look most promising. Hearing from you keeps job seekers engaged and can help you fill roles more quickly.

  1. Partner with a Recruiting Firm

Of course, nothing is faster in filling positions than working with a recruiting firm. Recruiters have a pool of skilled candidates who are looking for new opportunities. Not only will you be able to fill a position in about half the time but your selection of candidates will be highly qualified.

Capitol Staffing can help you fill administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS quickly and effectively. Contact us today and we’ll match you to talented, trained professionals who can grow your business!