5 Benefits of Working as an Administrative Assistant

May 16th, 2022

Are you thinking about becoming an administrative assistant? This is a great career choice since many entry-level positions are available to those with a high school degree. Some administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS do require more specialized knowledge, which can be a benefit if you do have a college degree. You can put your degree to use and earn more money.

Administrative Assistant

Because each person is unique, it’s important to choose a career path that will bring you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Here are the top five benefits of becoming an administrative assistant.

  1. Employable in many different industries.

Many people worry about their job becoming obsolete, but this isn’t something you have to fear when you work as an administrative assistant. There are job opportunities in many industries, including law firms, hospitals, medical offices, government agencies, schools, and private businesses. This opens up many places to work – and your skills will be transferable.

  1. Ability to interact with many types of people.

If you’re a people-person, you’ll love working as an administrative assistant. Not only will you interact with coworkers but also clients and customers. You don’t necessarily have to be involved in long, deep conversations as you would in a sales job, but you can enjoy connecting with people and building new business relationships.

  1. Training is quick and affordable.

Like other jobs, you’ll have better luck finding what you’re looking for if you have some training and education. Fortunately, getting trained to become an administrative assistant doesn’t take long. The most common programs can be completed in two years. Depending on the college, you could earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Associate of Applied Arts degree.

  1. Plenty of room for advancement.

One of the biggest concerns that people have when choosing a career path is having room for advancement. This won’t be a concern as an administrative assistant. You can switch between industries, specialize in a certain sector, or take on more responsibility in your current role. To further your skills, consider taking classes in payroll, accounting, and software applications.

  1. Flexible working hours.

Some administrative assistant jobs will have you working the standard 9-5 workday, but others have more flexible hours. For example, if you work in the medical field, you might have the option to work nights and weekends. Or you may be able to work part-time or even remotely.

As you can see, administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS offer plenty of perks like job flexibility, advancement opportunities, and the ability to work right out of high school. To find a position that meets your needs and experience level, get in touch with Capitol Staffing today.