Ways to Spot Ghost Jobs and Make Your Search More Productive

June 13th, 2024

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Reports show that millions of jobs are available each month, but only a small percentage are filled. So where is the disconnect? It’s likely that ghost jobs are partly to blame. Ghost jobs refer to jobs listings in Jackson MS that may not actually exist or be available. These ads can be frustrating for job seekers, as they take the time to fill out the application and submit their resume, only to never receive any communication back.

There are a number of reasons why hiring managers sometimes post “fake” job listings. For instance, they want to:

  • Build a talent pool for when they are ready to hire.
  • Give the illusion that the company is growing.
  • Give overworked employees some help.
  • Find the “perfect” candidate.

If you’re currently in the market for a new career, the last thing you want to do is waste time filling out applications for ghost jobs. Learn how to spot and overcome these jobs so that you can put your time and energy into the right openings.

Check the Date of the Listing

When you’re applying for a job, always check the date the listing was posted. The older it is, the more likely it’s no longer available. While there isn’t a set amount of time that indicates a ghost job vs a “real” job, 1.5 months is a good benchmark.

So if you see a listing that’s two months old, you may want to apply elsewhere. But before you discount the position, make sure you do a little digging. Find out about the company and check their website to see if the job listing is posted there. If it is, this is a good sign that the company just hasn’t found the right person yet.

Read Through the Job Description

Another sign that a listing could be fake is if the job description is vague. Many ghost jobs don’t have a description of the position, let alone detailed information about what your roles and responsibilities will be. Instead, hiring managers tend to share all the perks of working for their company so that more people turn in an application. This is a fast and easy way for their candidate pool to grow, though there is no real position open.

Research the Company

It’s good practice to research a company any time you apply to work there. The information you gather can help you tailor your resume and cover letter to their liking. A company’s website and social media channels can also tell you a lot about their company culture—and their hiring etiquette. Does it appear that the job listings are matching up with what’s on their website and marketing channels? Does the company have an active online presence?

Take Note of the Follow-Up Process

A follow-up can also tell you a lot about the job’s legitimacy. Companies that are serious about hiring someone will usually have a structured recruitment process to follow. This means that your follow-ups should be answered, whether they’re by phone, email, or text. If it seems that your communications are falling on deaf ears, it may be a sign that you applied for a ghost job.

Find Jobs Listings in Jackson MS

It can be hard to distinguish between phantom jobs and real jobs, but having a recruiter on your side can help! Capitol Staffing screens all our candidates before adding them to our database so that we can match them to the best jobs. This takes a lot of pressure off job seekers, as they don’t have to worry about wasting time applying for jobs that aren’t available. To learn more about our job recruiting services, contact Capitol Staffing today.