5 Reasons to Start Your Job as an Administrative Assistant

October 13th, 2022

Does an administrative assistant job interest you? Administrative professionals have great opportunities to climb the corporate ladder, develop a professional network, and learn practical skills. Administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS are challenging, but most agree that they’re well worth because of the pay, benefits, and wide range of directions you can go.

Administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS

If you’re looking to expand your opportunities as a professional, here are five great reasons to consider a job as an administrative assistant.

  1. Challenging, Rewarding Roles

The typical day of an administrative assistant is anything but dull. Even though you’ll be working in an office, your day will involve many different people and activities, such as managing budgets, making purchasing decisions, and planning company events.

Your goal will be to keep the business running efficiently, whether you work at a law firm, in a medical office or for a government agency or school. Some administrative assistants will also handle social media accounts and assist in hiring and recruiting.

  1. Level Playing Field

There are over 2 million administrative assistants currently employed in the U.S. The most common ethnicity of administrative assistants is White (70 percent), followed by Latino (14.8 percent) and Black (8.7 percent).

Furthermore, this workforce is dominated by women, earning 97 percent of what men earned in 2021. All in all, administrative assistants offer equal opportunities for men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

  1. Work from Home Flexibility

Depending on your industry, you may be able to work from home as an administrative assistant. But even if you can’t do this full time, many administrative assistant positions are hybrid, meaning that you’ll work between home and the office.

Not only is there flexibility to work from home, but you can pretty much work anywhere! All you need is a computer and an internet connection, making these jobs doable even from remote or rural locations.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Another benefit to administrative assistant jobs in Jackson MS is that you have many directions to go. If you want to grow in this position, you can work your way up to becoming a senior executive assistant, customer service manager, or office manager.

If you do want to move up in your field, you may want to get an administrative certificate. This certification can bolster your resume and show your expertise in a certain area. Your experience and the skills you demonstrate will also help you grow in your career.

  1. Great Job Satisfaction

Overall, administrative assistants find their jobs satisfying. They’re able to meet a lot of different people, carry out a wide range of tasks, and work in a variety of settings, which means there’s never a dull moment! And if you do happen to choose a different career path later, your skills will be transferable.

Capitol Staffing can help you find a rewarding administrative assistant job in your desired field. Contact our team of recruiters to be added to our database – and one step closer to your dream job!